Your successful and reliable garment sourcing depends on a successful dyeing facility that should meet all strict pollution treatment norms. Our Inhouse fabric Dyeing & Finishing factory is duly approved by Pollution control Board and makes us your trusted reliable Supplier, Manufacturer & Exporter of High Fashion Garments. We use HTHP Softlow Dyeing Machines which are latest in dyeing technology.

We use advanced drying machines like Relax Dryers to dry the fabrics in thier natural state. We use only Oeko Tex Standard dyes for our reputed garment brands so you are assured of a very high quality merchandise that sell with more profits and best standards.


Compacting is a mandatory quality process with us. The shrinkage and spirality levels are maintained well within permissible limits as required by our customers. Use of software analyzer starfish at the knitting stage itself indicates probable shrinkage and use of state-of-the-art compacting process makes double sure that shrinkage is controlled perfectly.

The planning at the earliest stage of manufacturing coupled with our compacting process is one of our quality control highlights. We have both shoe type and felt type compact machines and is used based on nature of fabric.

Embroidery & Printing

Our embroidery divisions have sophisticated japanese and German machines using CAD/CAM designing, which enable mass scale execution of intricate embroidery in upto 9 colours Laser cut, Sequence.

Printing is one of our strengths and is equipped with two rotary printing machines capable of producing innovative and trendy designs in pigment, reactive and discharge in up to 10 colors.

Our printing machines are capable of creating trendy and delicate designs and it is one of our biggest forte. Our garment spot printing facility is equipped to print in pigment and plastizol on MHM machines from Austria, ASKME from Taiwan, SROQUE from Portugal. We are also well-equipped in thermal transfer printing, flock printing and specialized prints using latest print techniques


Fabric finishing division is fully equipped to turn out the right fabric with the help of wet spreaders, relax dryers, stenter with weft straightening arrangement, compactors, brushing, sueding and shearing. Our garments washing facility has multiple wash options processed under ecofriendly conditions. By making use of the latest technology available in the industry, we are able to provide the best service to our valuable customers

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